• Studio with up to date MACS carrying the latest versions of software
  • Also Mac OS9 for early versions of QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand
  • Full image manipulation and retouching available
  • Complete file construction through to final required format
  • Crosfield Drum Scanner:

  • Epson A3 Flat Scanner:

    Maximum input size 510mm x 635mm
    Enlargements upto: Flat artwork 800%/Transparencies 3000%

    Maximum input size 420mm x 297mm
    Flat copy and transparencies: maximum optical resolution
    2400dpi CMYK/RGB/Bitmap/Greyscale
  • Film Output

    B2 Imagesetter: maximum output 750mm x 620mm
    Up to 200 screen positive and negative

  • Epson 7880 -
    with proofSIGN

    Digtal Pre-press colour proofing
    Calibrated Fogra 39L. ISO Coated version 2 - ECI.ICC
    Prints on various materials (including canvas)
    Output size 600mm wide x varying lengths