Pre-Press Colour proofing – What’s the importance & who needs it?

You want your project to be printed and the colour to be consistent, with both the original form/inspiration and also the resulting press run perfect.

What process do you have in place to ensure you achieve the best result?

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One of the most cost effective part of any printing job – even small “1 off” jobs is to use a reprographic or pre-press colour proofing service. 

What are the benefits you ask?

An original art work, drawing or photograph, building or development plans, historical literature or corporate branding can replicated by printing in many different ways.  When multiple printers are used the quality of  colour, can become difficult to control (especially when print output occurs over a period of time) and consistency will be virtually impossible.

Many publishers, illustrators, art galleries, photographers, museums, companies, schools and architects have made the expensive mistake of trying to cut costs without the quality control of pre-press proofs.

By providing you & your chosen printer(s) with Certified Fogra Proofs, will ensure  colour consistency for all your projects.

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Ayrton Senna book front cover

This eliminates any colour reproduction issues prior to the delivery of your final printed materials.

Take a look inside the book you are currently reading (adult or childrens) …. it will normally tell you who the Colour Reproduction/Origination was finished by.


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