Ian Davenport – Abstract Art to Fashion

The definitive color & patterns created with alternative uses of paint, have earned Ian Davenport worldwide recognition, as an English abstract painter & former Turner prize nominee.

Originally from Kent, Ian has garnered success and notoriety throughout his career, by “painting” onto his canvases (generally boards and aluminium panels) with a combination of pouring or dripping techniques.  In turn this has created stunning rivers of color which have now become the embodiment of Ian’s artwork – titled Colorfall.art, fine art, scanning, ian davenport

art, fine art, Ian Davenport, artist

Ian Davenport

This summer he has been invited to exhibit a large-scale poured installation at the Giardini pavilions in Venice Italy and also Swatch are launching their limited collection of WIDE ACRES OF TIME Art special watches.

Re-imaging large scale art onto smaller or various canvases is not altogether a new concept,  however with pre-press skills of scanning originals and Fogra certified colour proofs it ensures color management and consistency, especially when the final printing results in differing materials.

As part of the Dior Lady Art Collection, Ian Davenport is 1 of the featured 7 artists in creating the limited collection of accessories, including clutch bags and phone cases.

More recently his ever evolving creative originality has seen him develop further into silkscreen printing and etching which has proved to be the inspiration for the paint splattered silk scarfs and linings for the bags.  Dior, lady art, art, fine art, scanning, pre press,

The Alan Cristea Gallery is the exclusive worldwide representative for Ian Davenport’s original prints.




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