Film output imagesetting services

Aylesbury Studios is one of the very few Companies in the UK still providing a film output imagesetting service. Using our Crosfield Celix 4000 imagesetter we output high quality film separations from our clients Application and PDF files, imposed and set up to their desired laydown specifications.

Whatever your requirements, positives or negatives can be processed either emulsion up or down using high quality Agfa film. Our imagesetter is capable of outputting B2 size films up to 750mm x 520mm and can produce a variety of screen rulings, angles and dot shapes – just let us know your requirements and we’ll do the rest. Once your happy we save your profiles for future film output.

With the ability to receive clients files via super fast internet, we regulary supply to Trade, Fine Art, Silk screen and Litho Printers and platemakers as well as the Ceramics industry throughout the UK.

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