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Ian Davenport – Abstract Art to Fashion

The definitive color & patterns created with alternative uses of paint, have earned Ian Davenport worldwide recognition, as an English abstract painter & former Turner prize nominee. Originally from Kent, Ian has garnered success and notoriety throughout his career, by “painting” onto his canvases (generally boards and aluminium panels) with a combination of pouring or dripping techniques.  In turn this has

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From Art to Exhibition

So you have your original Artwork in the form of a photograph, transparency, illustration, painting or drawing and you are looking to reproduce them for publishing,  to sell or even enlarge them for Exhibitions or Visual Displays. There are many printers that offer a good service, however understanding what they offer can be very daunting (especially when the use of

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Painting to be creative

Visualise a blank canvas in front of you right now and by your side is a variety of different coloured paints, brushes and various materials. There is something truly wonderful about the feeling of freedom, when poised ready to start and there are no boundaries. So where would you start?  Would you pick up a paint brush, dip it in the paint and

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Imaging for Summer Travels and Holidays

When flicking through the brochures, looking at the images – what do we see and what emotions does it draw from us to go ahead and make that much anticipated holiday booking?  How important is that picture to us and what does the Colour and Image reflect for us? Lets take a look…… With the grey colouring and crashing waves,

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Pre-Press Colour proofing – What’s the importance & who needs it?

You want your project to be printed and the colour to be consistent, with both the original form/inspiration and also the resulting press run perfect. What process do you have in place to ensure you achieve the best result? One of the most cost effective part of any printing job – even small “1 off” jobs is to use a

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