Imaging for Summer Travels and Holidays

When flicking through the brochures, looking at the images – what do we see and what emotions does it draw from us to go ahead and make that much anticipated holiday booking?  How important is that picture to us and what does the Colour and Image reflect for us? Lets take a look……

Waves, grey, adventure

With the grey colouring and crashing waves, to some it may suggest windy, cold and wet! Although take another look… how about exhilarating, the feeling of the spray mist across your face with the wind running past your ears.  Adventuring to places off the beaten track, to admire the sea cascading and clashing over sea boundaries.

Whereas the Rip tide has a more ethereal blue, evoking images of sun, surfing and adventures of a different kind.

photography, reprographics, scanning, quark files.

surfing, ripcurl, tidal, sea

Gliding across the sea, anticipation of how far you can travel, being at one with nature to take you on a pathway, not knowing where it goes, only the feel of the surf board beneath your feet whilst balancing to stand up.  To others it may be too scary, evoke feelings of fear and danger, even claustrophobia in the tunnel of water ready to engulf you.

Romance and idyllic moonlit evenings with your loved one initially comes to mind with the red hue of the sunset and the calm waters with candlelit dinners, walking hand in hand along the waters edge with it gently lapping at your feet.

beach image, photography, reprographic, scanning, publish

Sandy Beach, shoreline, idyllic beach

Colourful beach image, photography, scanning, colour, reprographics, travel, publishing

Romance, calm, reflective image, red sky & calm blue sea, end of the day

Or is it thundery, watching as the clouds come rolling in preparing to quell the soaring heat with a refreshing rain shower . Too quiet and out of the way or too remote for some, who like life at a faster pace. Hot, isolated beaches with water so clear that the fish images jump out at you even when walking into the water preparing to snorkel to see the local sea life through goggles. Is the tranquility something that is the main requirement to totally let go in a world that is so fast these days.

Imagery and Colour are so important and provide the creativity when relaying messages, whichever format we are looking at them be it online or published.  Hence the importance of production and colour management.  Have a great holiday and whatever your adventure…. Enjoy.


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