Visualise a blank canvas in front of you right now and by your side is a variety of different coloured paints, brushes and various materials.

There is something truly wonderful about the feeling of freedom, when poised ready to start and there are no boundaries.

So where would you start? art, printing, photography, scanning, digital files, reprographics Would you pick up a paint brush, dip it in the paint and start painting an image? or let the brush takes its own direction and feel where you want that colour to go? How about a flick? or would you have a specific picture in your mind, so you start by outlining the design and fill in the colours and effects later?

Psychologist’s have many theories on how we both approach our creative art and what images we enjoy together with the colours used. This is especially important when branding and advertising for business and a major factor for designers. However some artists are happy to allow the freedom of their emotions, desires and passions to be reflected canvaseswithin the resulting image, going with the flow and choosing to allow their creativity to be released.  That’s the beauty of art and design as we have a choice.  So whats your preference?

Is it something you have ever consciously considered or have you been taught to paint in a specific way? Creativity is something we all have and it is our unique way of expression that stands out.  Art comes in many forms and also there are many ways to share and raise awareness through prints, publishing or online but how do you bridge the gap between your art and the printer?  That’s where a good reprographics company will ensure that the colour quality is maintained by using certified colour proofs to provide to your printer.  A simple and cost effective way to ensure your final prints represent your original art work to its highest quality.

So go ahead and pick up a brush or a pencil today – and let your creativity come to life!



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