What do you get from a book?

When you open a book for the first time – your sense’s start to come alive…..

The touch of your fingers opening the book cover, is the first thing you feel and your eyes are absorbing the first illustration you see. With growing anticipation, your imagination is already working overtime as you are about to enter the world of words. Your nose is alive with the smell of the ink on paper (albeit new or old) and if someone is reading to you, your ears are soothed with listening to the adventures as they unfold, from the storytellers lips.

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I love you this much said Big Nutbrown Hare to Little Nutbrown Hare.

Whether fiction or fact, as the story evolves, the visionary part of our brain is stimulated so that we become lost. Even when we grow into adulthood, our childhood memories of our favourite books and stories do not leave us…. have you not opened a wardrobe and imagined walking through the back of it, into another world? Or a rhyme instantly coming to mind about a bear hunt from a childhood bedtime story, that’s as popular today in 2016 as in 1974 (when published for the first time).  Seeing vegetables growing at the bottom of  a garden and suddenly the wildlife comes to life…. is that a rabbit wearing a blue coat you wonder?

Read a biography about a sport and your imagination fills with the sound of  spectators. The photographs seem to come alive with pictures of the memories going back and reliving historic victories and experiences. History, science, geography, travel, cookery, sport…. the list is endless and yet we never tire of them.

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mini owners workshop manual

Technology gives us many options today as we have access to the internet for eBooks, not forgetting Movies and Television which offer choice for a world of knowledge and information.  When new choices are available, there is always a fear that tradition will be lost completely.  Today, we are very lucky to be able to have the choice of such diverse ways to access stories, illustrations and information.  Whilst Encyclopedia book sets and car maintenance manuals  are in the minority today (as access to the internet gives us quicker and more in depth knowledge within minutes) buying & reading books is still a growing and profitable business.

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Wildlife photographer with camera lens

The thirst for new and exciting books (especially young people) has not waned…….. nothing beats sharing a story with a child/young person and seeing their reaction….that is timeless!. Many subjects are available in childhood books, whilst diversity in characters or stories are growing and evolving which is refreshing, bringing a whole new dimension for our future adults.

As for Adults….well do we really grow up?  Comics may have diminished, but in some areas the comic book hero’s are both successful in print and also blockbusting movies, crossing over generations. The children’s books which covered many subjects and introduced us to reading and education, are now being published for Adults spoofing iconic books from the 60’s. Mindfulness, has regenerated colouring and craft books for the grown ups of today.

We all have a favourite book….. for many reasons and continue to buy books especially as presents.  So whats your favourite book? faviocn


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